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I want to help you tell the best version of your story.


My job is to craft scenes that move people.  There’s something truly amazing about combing through hours upon hours of material and translating it into finely tuned stories that evoke real emotions.  This is something I discovered early on and has remained my passion.

I’ve been cutting pictures for over a decade.  From being in the trenches on numerous shows, I have a deep understanding of workflow, dealing with tight deadlines, and collaborating with producers.  But most importantly, I know how to tell stories that flow and how to enhance scenes to their ultimate potential.

​No matter how big or small the project -

I am the editor for you.  

I want to tell great stories and work with passionate people.

Outside of the edit bay, I'm spending time with my wife and kids.  I'm a Spartan racer and marathon runner.  I'm currently training for the 2024 Los Angeles marathon.

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